Universal Programmer with increased power

Programming tool for flexible series production

Karlsruhe. Oktober 2013. 

The AnaGate Universal Programmer is ideal for 24 hour operation as well as test setup in development laboratories.

In today's mass production facilities of devices like "white goods" (e.g. household devices, washing machines, cookes, etc.) often programmable control units are installed. Scanners are identifying the installed units and the programming devices has to be flexible enough to select the correct software and to program it automatically to the control units in the shortest time possible. A new programming solution improves capacity utilization in production in large und small series.

Analytica GmbH has enhanced the AnaGate Universal Programmer according to market needs and has achieved best performance concerning flexibility and programming speed. The system consisting of a hardware and some software components is controlled by a TCP/IP interface. The great advantage of this interface, it is fast and flexible. A base features for in-time mass production, where every memory image has to be re-written newly on demand. Moreover, no additional device drivers has to be installed, because the system is integrated in the production system by common LAN or WLAN.

Flexibility is the aim

The dimemsions of the  AnaGate UP 2.0 are 155 x 105 x 40 mm.

To meet modern production requirements, the AnaGate Universal Programmer 2.0 is designed to access SPI and I2C memory chips. The device is ideal for 24 hour operation  and for test setup in development laboratories. It can access single memory chips as well as assembled printed boards (PCB). Basically standard components used in common programming applications like serial I2C/SPI-EEPROMs and SPI flash can be read/written. By use of the integrated JTAG interface  (OpenOCD),  it is possible to program flash devices (NOR/NAND/CPU) and to debug CPU's.

The enhancement creates significant improvements for SPI devices by utilization of the maximum TCP frame size.  The new solution needs now only a single TCP frame to write up to 15 write cycles to the device. A cost-free, batch-compatible programming software for windows and Linux is supplemented. All common I2C-EEPROM types and many popular SPI devices are supported. Currently not supported devices and programming algorithms can be added on demand.

In Numbers

The desktop housing has dimensions of 155 x 105 x 40 mm, it can be mounted to DIN rail by use of an an optional adapter. A supplying voltage from 9 up to 28 VDC is supported (about 350mA), operating temperature is 0 to 60 °C. The integrated I2C interface supports "I2C Fast Mode Plus", this means a maximum baud rate of 1 MHz, and I2C Read /Write commands for all I2C devices (7 and 10 bit address format). Configurable baud rates (50, 100, 200, 400 und 1000 kbit/s)  and galvanically isolated SCL/SDA lines allows optimal adaption to the application. The SPI interface provides individual configurable baud rates from 200 up to 10000 kbit/s and has galvanically isolated CLK/MISO/MOSI/CS lines. The JTAG interface has galvanically isolated TRST, -SRST, -TDI, TMD, TCK and TDO lines and supports baud rates from 10 to 8333 kbit/s. Additionally 4 digital inputs/outputs (isolated from 3,3 to 24V) and a LAN interface (10/100 Mbps) are installed.

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