Product announcement: AnaGate Motion for motor control

New modular designed product series  for motor control

Karlsruhe. January 2010.

The AnaGate Motion system consists of various modules that supports the control of different motor types (24Vdc and 400Vac. An enhancement of the base functionality is available via optional modules such as digital and analogue inputs and outputs, encoders, ... All modules are controlled via an CANopen interface.

Via a special control module it is also possible to control other connected modules decentralized. This control module is operated by an linux opereartion system (kernel 2.6.27) on a 400MHz ARM9 CPU (64MB RAM, 256MB Flash) and can be accessed via simple API programming in C/C++ or individually extended with local batch programs (LUA script language).

Following modules are coming soon:

  • Juni 2010: Control module
  • July 2010: Control module LCD
  • June 2010: Motor 24Vdc BL (brushless)
  • June 2010: Motor 24Vdc BT (brushtype)
  • June 2010: Motor 400Vac
  • June 2010: Digital IO module with 16 inputs/outputs
  • October 2010: Analog IO module with 4 inputs/outputs each
  • October 2010: Encoder module with 4 binary encoders

A preliminary description of the individual modules and their mode of operation is available in the documentation area.

Please contact us, if you need further information about our gateways.

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