AnaGate Development Kit

Linux development environment in virtual machine image

Karlsruhe. September 2009.

As embedded system operating on a Linux platform the products AnaGate CAN uno/duo/quattro and AnaGate Universal Programmer are designated to extend their basic functionality through adding and running self-created executables. Accessing the integrated USB interfaces and digital inputs and outputs is of course also possible.

The executables can be created in principle on a standard linux system with installed GCC cross compiler. Just some specific system libraries are required to cross-compile the source code for the ARM9 CPU, which is installed on the AnaGate device.

To reduce the initial steps to configure a linux system with an usable programming environment, we are offering an external USB drive with a preinstalled VDI (Virtual Disk Image) for Oracle VirtualBox (Prices/Order info).

The guest system on the USB-Platte is an Ubuntu 8.10. All required packages and files to create extensions for the AnaGate devices in C/C++ are already installed. In particular some programming examples for the operational programming tools KDevelop and Eclipse are present.

Note: A short installation manual for the "Anagate Development Kit" is available in our support area.. Extensions for the AnaGate devices based on individual requirements can be created naturally by ANALYTICA , your professional service provider. .

Please contact us, if you need further information about our gateways.

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