CAN adapter with up to 8 CAN ports

Accessing CAN bus with embedded computer

AnaGate X Serie mit 3, 4 bzw. 8 CAN-Schnittstellen

Karlsruhe. October 2015.

For many years, Analytica sells professional products for ethernet based access to CAN networks under the brand of AnaGate. The new Anagate CAN X series includes CAN adapters providing up to 8 CAN ports in compact industrial housing for easy mounting onto DIN rails. The devices are designed for operation in industrial applications and can be used in extended temperature range of -20 up to 70°C.

The AnaGate CAN X series

The devices of the AnaGate X series using a 400MHz ARM9 processor are designed for high system performance. The 2, 4 or 8 CAN interfaces can be individually connected to a computer or PLC by standard Ethernet protocol (gateway operating mode). In addition, it is possible to interconnect the present CAN interfaces internally to link different CAN networks (bridge mode). By use of two or more devices distant CAN networks can be connected over LAN or internet. 

Not only a simple CAN adapter

The AnaGate CAN X units are more than simply media gateway from ethernet to CAN. As embedded system operating on a 32 bit linux platform (kernel 3.9) with 256 MB flash and 64 MB DDR2 DRAM memory the product opens up further possibilities. User can create own software to extend the adapters for individual fields of application. This is possible on the device itself, via disclosed TCP/IP based software protocol by a connected computer or by the included software API containing libraries for linux and windows. The integrated two USB host interfaces and analogue inputs/outputs offer room to grow.

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