In the following you will find actual software version information of the AnaGate tools  and AnaGate firmware releases.

SPI EEPROM Programmer for Windows

Revision History (SPI-EEPROM Programmer)
Revision History
Revision 1.1.2109.10.2014SWe
  • Bugfix: Offset in intel hexfile was loaded once after program start

Revision 1.1.2010.07.2014SWe
  • Bugfix: Rash on finish batch mode

Revision 1.1.1909.05.2014SWe
  • Hexfile: Extended hexfile class to be able to read files with addresses up to 0xFFFFFFFF. Offset in the files will be interpreted

Revision 1.1.1807.11.2013SWe
  • Bugfix: Waiting endless when the device is damaged and the values of the status register are not as expected.

  • Added Ramtron device FM25CL64S

Revision 1.1.1717.10.2013ASc
  • Bugfix: loading files with special characters in filename failed.

Revision 1.1.1610.08.2012SWe
  • Bugfix: Fixed an error on load a hexfile.

Revision 1.1.1531.07.2012SWe
  • Bugfix: Fixed an error on sector erase.

Revision 1.1.1417.11.2011SWe
  • Save/Restore of the current path at the file open dialog

  • File format (Intel/binary) selectable for batch (write) processing

  • Bugfix: SPI-EEProm.ini is only written if settings are changed.

Revision 1.1.1306.07.2010SWe
  • File format (Intel/binary) selectable for batch processing

  • Upgrade to commonlib 1.0.15

Revision 1.1.1204.12.2009SWe
  • Bugfix: Error verifing of FLASH page size for AT45 family

  • Hex file improvemnet (erase of value/range

  • New: Check of currently used baud rate

Revision 1.1.1130.11.2009SWe
  • Bugfix: Error when programming device types of family ST

  • Bugfix: Crash when closing MDI window during file load

Revision 1.1.1028.07.2009SWe
  • Bugfix: Error when programming device type AT25F

  • Upgrade to commonlib 1.0.13 and AnaGate API 1.9

  • Bugfix: internal data structure (CHexfile)

Revision 1.1.928.05.2009SWe
  • CommonLib with deacitavted TCP Nagle algorithm

Revision 1.1.803.04.2009SWe
  • Upgrade to commonlib 1.0.12 and AnaGate API 1.8

  • Display of hex data in 8-, 16- and 32 byte format

Revision 1.1.729.02.2009SWe
  • Edititing of single bytes in hex data file

  • Bugfix: setting of offset not always correct

  • New: device family "FAM_ST_M950XX" added

Revision 1.1.625.11.2008SWe
  • Reading of sub ranges of an EEPROM

  • Support of AT45DB642D

  • Memory limitation of hex data files increased to 32MB

  • Upgrade to commonlib 1.0.11

Revision 1.1.504.11.2008SWe
  • Hex data file with CRC errors can now be loaded

  • New parameters of EEPROM types (like function to erase, valid voltage values for EEPROM type.

  • Menu item to erase EEPROMs. If no special erase command supported, a selectable value can be written.

  • New parameter how to erase EEPROMs before writing the device (automatically, full or none).

Revision 1.1.410.07.2008SWe
  • Upgrade to commonlib 1.0.9 and FOX lib 1.7.15

Revision 1.1.304.09.2007SWe
  • New EEPROM types: families AT25, AT25F, AT45

Revision 1.1.2 23.07.2007ASc,SWe
  • Connect timeout increased to 5 seconds.

  • Delay added before reading status register first time (problem with M25P16)

  • Upgrade to AnaGate API 1.4

  • Memory limitation of hex data files increased to 4MB

  • new file format: raw binary

  • Support of new devices (introduction of device families)

  • Upgrade to commonlib 1.0.7 and FOX lib 1.6.26

  • Batch mode added

  • Language support for various FOX gui elements (like File Open Dialog)

  • Initial version

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