In the following you will find actual software version information of the AnaGate tools  and AnaGate firmware releases.

CAN Monitor for Windows

Revision History (CAN-Monitor)
Revision History
  • Support von CAN-FD

Revision 1.0.2709.05.2014SWe
  • Bugfix: "Pure virtual function call" on closing the connection

Revision 1.0.2620.03.2014SWe
  • Added selection for the view of messages

  • Added view: Show the last message of any can id

Revision 1.0.2519.08.2013SWe
  • Raised the count of can ports to 8

Revision 1.0.2421.05.2012SWe
  • Fixed bug on receiving data when msg-window is not initialised

Revision 1.0.2306.03.2012SWe
  • Fixed bug on first initialisation of filter settings

  • Added diplay of messages per second and count of messages

  • Catch errors in lua scripts and show them

Revision 1.0.2208.12.2011SWe
  • Fixed bug in interpretation of CANopen messages

  • Added switch on/off of CANopen function on the AnaGate (only admin mode)

Revision 1.0.2116.05.2011SWe
  • Information, filter would be ignored if high speed moede is on, added

Revision 1.0.2020.04.2011SWe
  • filter settings will be saved in registry

  • updated CANopen send window (deaktivated of fields for send value)

  • deactivated check boxes for lua-scripts if no scripts were found

  • CAN modus "configuration" added

Revision 1.0.1911.05.2010SWe
  • Bugfix: Error when sending remote frames

Revision 1.0.1812.05.2010SWe
  • CRC errors are displayed red in message window with error message

Revision 1.0.1714.09.2009SWe
  • new command: restart of Lua scripts

Revision 1.0.1602.06.2009SWe
  • Lua scripting added to interpret, format and send CAN telegrams

Revision 1.0.1519.05.2009SWe
  • Nagle algortihm deactivated for TCP

Revision 1.0.1416.03.2009SWe
  • Filter settings are validated when active client settings are changed

  • individual path of log file)

Revision 1.0.1312.12.2008SWe
  • indivual baud rate

Revision 1.0.1211.12.2008SWe
  • path of log file is set to CurrentDirectory

Revision 1.0.1128.08.2008ASc
  • Bug in FOX-Toolkit fixed (FXMessageChannel)

Revision 1.0.1011.07.2008SWe
  • new icons, upgrade to FOX version 1.7.15

Revision 1.0.918.04.2008SWe
  • Highspeed mode and considerprio added

Revision 1.0.825.10.2007SWe
  • extensions for Anagate uno/duo

  • termination of Anagate port is configurable

Revision 1.0.701.10.2007SWe
  • number of maximum message in window can be configured

Revision 1.0.613.07.2007SWe
  • Support of CAN baudrates 10kBit and 125kBit

Revision 1.0.518.06.2007SWe
  • periodic sends of CAN telegrams implemented

Revision 1.0.416.05.2007SWe
  • Message window limited to 10000 entries

Revision 1.0.319.04.2007SWe
  • Dialog for reading/writing of digital io ports redesigned

  • Bugfix for sending telegram error

  • new icons

  • Initial version

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