Screenshot - AnaGate PROFINET Z-Card
p>The AnaGate PROFINET Z-Card of Analytica GmbH is designed to interconnect a programming logic controller (PLC) to the Z-Card control board of Interroll Automation GmbH. The AnaGate PROFINET Z-Card provides easy access to the propriorty CAN bus protocol of the Z-Card via a standard PROFINET interface.

Interroll Intelliveyor

Intelliveyor is the name of a modular conveyor system with integrated accumulating conveyor technology. It enables unit loads to be conveyed and accumulated with zero pressure, i.e. without ever touching each other. The fact that this is so easy to achieve lies in the Z-Card, a proven 24 Volt control PCB. It handles the control of the conveyor line divided in individual zones and communication along the material flow.

For connection to a higher order control a CAN bus interface is available on the Z-Card. Up to date information of a Z-Card can be obtained (motor status, sensor status, etc.). It is also possible to influence the functions of the control here (e.g. merging or diverting behaviour).

Access to the CAN bus can be made by a standard CAN bus gateway. Interroll recommends a device of the AnaGate CAN series, which provides access to the CAN bus by standard ethernet protocol.

PROFINET for Intelliveyor

If the connection to Intelleveyor is to be made by PROFINET a new hardware solution is now available: the AnaGate PROFINET Z-Card. This product provides easy access to the propriatary CAN bus protocol of the Z-Card via a standard PROFINET interface.

The current state of all actuators and sensors of up to 32 Z-Card control boards are saved locally on the AnaGate PROFINET Z-Card in a process image which is exchanged with a higher controlling device via the PROFINET interface.

The CAN bus communication to the single Z-Card boards is completely hidden to the controlling PLC, all necessary settings, state changes and monitoring functions on the CAN bus are automatically managed by the AnaGate PROFINET Z-Card.

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