In the following you will find actual software version information of the AnaGate tools  and AnaGate firmware releases.


Revision History (AnaGateRenesas.dll)
Revision History
Revision 1.2-2.1310.06.2016JGo
  • Windows version: Moved DeviceManager from AnaGate*DLL projects to AnaGateLib project to make its functionality available when linking AnaGateLibd.lib statically.

Revision 1.2-2.1208.12.2014JGo
  • Lua 5.2.1 -> 5.2.3 (Bug-fix release)

Revision 1.2-2.1131.10.2014JGo
  • Removed default parameter values from C API functions.

  • libAnaGate V1.0.8 --> 1.0.9

Revision 1.1-2.1026.08.2014SWe
  • libAnaGate V1.0.7 --> 1.0.8

Revision 1.1-
  • Switch from CommonLib to libAnaGate and libAnaGateExt

  • Created Windows 64 bit version

  • Created Linux 64 bit version

  • Open functions consider return values from SetBaudrate, SetConfig etc and properly close the connection on error

  • Funktion parameters reworked from (un)signed char/short/int/long to Ana(U)Int(8/16/32/64) and size_t where reasonable to make value ranges more clear

Revision 1.0-1.1121.06.2011SWe
  • New implementation for FromChar() (not working casting on ARM)

Revision 1.0-1.927.07.2009SWe
  • Upgrade CommonLib to 1.0.13

Revision 1.0-1.830.04.2009SWe
  • All parameter in DLL functions changed to pointer from references

  • Upgrade CommonLib to 1.0.12

Revision 1.0-1.726.11.2008SWe
  • Upgrade CommonLib from 1.0.9 to 1.0.11

Revision 1.0-1.321.05.2007ASC
  • Initial version

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