AnaGate Universal Programmer 2.0

AnaGate Universal Programmer 2.0
b>AnaGate Universal Programmer UP 2.0

The Universal Programmer UP 2.0is a professional embedded device for programming serial I2C EEPROMs, serial SPI EEPROMs and SPI flash memories easily and extremely quickly via standard TCP/IP protocol.

  • I2C baudrate: 100, 400, 1000 kbps
  • SPI baudrate: 10 to 10.000 kbps
  • JTAG baudrate: 10 to 8.000 kbps
  • Power module: 1.8, 2.7, 3.3, 5.0 V DC
  • Automatically checks the programmed data (verification)
  • Batch mode support
  • Supported hex data formats: Intel Hex ASCII, Motorola S-Record and raw binary format.
  • JTAG interface applicable via TCP/IP (incl. debugging support)
  • Digital IO: 4 inputs and 4 outputs (galvanically decoupled)
  • Network cable
  • AnaGate UP 2.0
  • CD-ROM with documentation and programmer software for Windows 2000/XP/2003

Available Options:

Power supply:

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21 x AnaGate CAN quattro (dublicated for 19"-case)
13 x AnaGate CAN USB
30 x AnaGate CAN quattro (triplicated for 19"-case)
17 x AnaGate CAN X8
15 x AnaGate CAN X4
16 x AnaGate CAN X2
31 x AnaGate CAN uno (din rail case)
19 x DIO 4-pole Connector Set
19 x CAN cable, 1xD-Sub, 1x4-pin, 2m
11 x FTP Patchcable Cat. 5e, crosswire, 2m
21 x AnaGate Motion: Motor module 24Vdc BT incl. CANopen interface
11 x CAN cable, 1xD-Sub, 1xopen, 2m
12 x DIO 10-pole Connector Set
11 x Anagate Programmer's VirtualBox Image
10 x CAN 4-pole Connector Set
11 x FTP Patchcable Cat. 5e, 2m
10 x GSM18E24 Industrial power supply (EU), 24V / 0.75A / 18W
11 x CPU Module G45C64256 in DIMM form factor w. 64MB RAM/256MB Flash
5 x WWAN USB Stick for AnaGate CAN X Series (Huawei HiLink E303)
14 x AnaGate Motion: digital IO module incl. CANopen interface
14 x AnaGate PROFINET Z-Card
17 x AnaGate Motion: Motor module 400Vac incl. CANopen interface
16 x Power 2-pole Connector Set
14 x MDR60-24 Industrial DIN rail power supply, 24V / 2.5A / 60W
6 x CPU Module G20I32256 in DIMM form factor with 32MB RAM/256MB Fla
6 x MDR20-24 Industrial DIN rail power supply, 24V / 1.0A / 20W
18 x CAN cable, 2xD-Sub, 2m
16 x AnaGate Motion: Motor module 24Vdc BL incl. CANopen interface
10 x GSM18U24 Industrial power supply (US), 24V / 0.75A / 18W
3 x WLAN USB Stick for AnaGate CAN X Series (TP-Link TL-WN722N)
7 x CPU Module G20I64256 in DIMM form factor w. 64MB RAM/256MB Flash
5 x AnaGate CAN F4
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