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AnaGate CAN quattro - Firmware Changelog

In the following you will find information about changes of actual and older firmware versions of the AnaGate CAN quattro.

AnaGate CAN quattro Firmware

Revision History
Revision 2.0.1219.06.2015JGo
  • SetConfig: also accept DataConfirmation parameter while HighSpeed mode is active

Revision 2.0.1123.04.2015JGo
  • Added support for hardware CAN ID filter for X series

  • Web interface: Firmware upload form doesn't filter by MIME type any more to prevent browsers from hiding update files

Revision 2.0.1004.10.2014JGo
  • Fix Activity LED not blinking on V2 platform

  • Lua interpreter updated to version 1.0.16 (Lua 5.1 -> 5.2)

Revision 2.0.910.09.2014JGo
  • Fix: Increment TCP transmit counter when sending via bridge.

  • Webinterface: Support user defined CAN baud rates locally and via bridge.

Revision 2.0.814.05.2014JGo
  • Read timestamp for received CAN telegrams as early as possible.

Revision 2.0.714.03.2014JGo
  • Fix for connections over UDP.

  • Webinterface: Extended bridge settings for custom TCP/UDP ports.

Revision 2.0.505.03.2014JGo
  • Fixed error at unloading the driver during active transmit timeout handling.

Revision 2.0.428.02.2014JGo
  • Support for bridge connection to hostname instead of IP address.

  • uploadlua.cgi: AnaGate CAN USB/DIN RAIL: Remove directory path from file name of Lua scripts that are uploaded with old versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

  • Web interface v1.3.8: Allow handling and deleting of Lua scripts with backslashes in the file name.

  • Switched from CommonLib to libAnaGate und libAnaGateExt.

  • Adjusted for changed defines in CAN driver.

Revision 1.3.1824.02.2012JGo
  • Fix handling received CAN telegrams at odd-numbered memory addresses.

Revision 1.3.1713.12.2011JGo
  • Telegrams received over CAN bus are forwarded via UDP according to entries in /firmware/cantoudp.ini (if available).

Revision 1.3.1630.08.2011JGo
  • Fix for crash during firmware startup if driver is not loaded.

  • Error counters now no more global, but for each existing CAN port.

  • Counter for sent TCP messages now takes acount of open connections.

  • If error (timeout) occurs during DataReq() the connection is now closed.

  • Alive mechanism is deactivated per default on reused connections.

  • New command: GetTime

  • Default mode for CAN ports is called "offline" instead of "config".

  • Fix on firmware startup: operating mode was not assigned correctly.

Revision 1.3.1525.07.2011JGo
  • Support of the digital ios on AnaGate CAN uno DIN rail.

Revision 1.3.1419.07.2011JGo
  • New CAN device driver V1.3.7: invalid buffer size for messages with timestamp.

Revision 1.3.1322.06.2011SWe
  • When receiving a message with timestamp, the timestamp in the message is removed if timestamps are not requested in connection.

Revision 1.3.1219.04.2011JGo
  • Activity LED access implementation renewed.

  • New CAN device driver V1.3.5: new operation modus offline.

Revision 1.3.1104.02.2011JGo
  • Firmware switches on startup from listen to normal mode after configured bad rate is set.

  • CAN firmware and inde.cgi (webserber( for AnaGate CAN uno, duo + qauuto now dynamically linked.

  • New CAN device driver V1.3.4.

Revision 1.3.1027.01.2011JGo
  • CRC error fixed.

  • CANopen extensions activated.

  • New NO_NET-CONFIG for CPU1800.

  • New CAN device driver V1.3.3: support for AnaGate CAN USB.

Revision 1.3.905.08.2010JGo
  • New web server with Lua support.

  • New CAN device driver V1.3.2: outgoing telegrams are queued in driver.

Revision 1.3.804.08.2010JGo
  • Alive mode added

  • Firmware calls Lua script /lua/ if exists.

Revision 1.3.721.05.2010THa
  • Support for UPD added.

Revision 1.3.611.05.2010SWe
  • Interface between web server and firmware rewritten.

  • CANopen commands added.

Revision 1.3.522.07.2009THa
  • Bugfix routing of standard gateway: route to SetupIP.shadded.

  • Bugfix bridge mode: bridge connection is not reconnected after system restart, when high speed mode has been activated.

Revision 1.3.402.07.2009THa
  • Bugfix message exchange driver/firmware layer (crash on high bus traffic).

  • Log output in web interface changed: the full system time is printed out.

Revision 1.3.315.05.2009THa
  • New command: OP_ANAGATE_RESTART_REQ.

  • Bugfix in OP_ANAGATE_GET_INFO_REQ (invalid serial nummer returned).

  • New CAN device driver V1.3.1: bugfix for lost messages when copying data from driver to firmware layer.

  • Z-Card IP: error flag added.

  • Z-Card IP-Intervall bug fixed.

  • Z-Card Alive timer increased from 3 to 10 IP cycles.

  • Support of timestamps of CAN telegrams.

  • New CAN device driver V1.3.0: support of timestamps.

  • Initial version

  • CAN device driver V1.2.0.

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